Five amazing gun inventions every gun owner must have. Improve your skills and be more secure with these futuristic accessories.

 1. ZORE: A New Generation of Gun Storage. A cartridge-shaped lock that allows quick access & offers tampering alerts for your gun.
2. The Gun Box Echo: Gun Storage with Smart Quick Access is now Techfordable in an alluring design! The Gun Box Echo!
3. iTarget: Home Target Practice for All Gun Owners. A safe, fun and affordable way to shoot your firearm in the house, using an App and a Laser Bullet.
4. The Gun Box Sentinel: Tactical Firearm Storage. Tactical Rifle/Defensive Shotgun storage in plain sight with quick access & Bluetooth speakers!
5. Autonomous Alloys: Live-fire Targets Evolved. Magnetic resetting live-fire targets offering an unmatched and definitive multi-sensory feedback.

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