A Gun That Can Be Folded Into A Smartphone

Many of us from that slice of pie that likes to conceal and pack our weapon in the crowd are constantly looking for methods to discretely take care of our arms so as never to disclose it and cause problems to people.

Holsters that stick on the back and the shoulder area can always create a bulge, and there is also a possibility of them being flashed at the most unwanted times.

Then again ‘Ideal Conceal’ – the name of the company that created a gun and has disguised the deadly power of a .380 caliber weapon inside the handheld and a commonly used smartphone, is a great way to hide your weapon in the public.

Furthermore, this firearm is going to be manufactured in The United States and built in a one piece framework. The number one priority of this gun would be the maximum safety. The gun will only be able to function if the safety is removed. In this case, using the spring hinge at the bottom that will automatically create a grip and make the trigger available, thus making the firearm functional.

Sadly, the Ideal Conceal still is in their patent pending state. However, the firm intends to make it available to the public in this years summer with the starting price of $395.


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