Armed Homeowner Turns The Tables QUICK on Violent Thug Invaders

A Memphis man met an attempted home invasion and assault with lawful force surprising two men who attempted to force their way into the home, holding a gun on the woman who answered a knock at the front door.

Nico Carlisle, 22, died at the scene after he and another, unidentified male, pushed past the woman to gain entry, and Carlisle put a gun to the woman’s neck.

Police have not yet determined whether it was the homeowner or a visitor who, hearing the confrontation, went to the door armed with a handgun and fired at the two men.

Carlisle was hit by multiple gunshots and died in the doorway of the home; his accomplice has not been identified and is the subject of a manhunt within and around the city.

The latest example of a citizen using a legal firearm in defense of himself, another and property has gone unnoticed by the media during a time when President Obama has announced gun control measures he will put in place by use of Executive Order during the last year of his presidency.

The president continues to claim that such orders do not violate the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and that he has the power to take action if Congress refuses to enact his proposals.

He also denies that his moves are preliminary to removing guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens, although he has repeatedly pointed to Australia’s example of confiscation as “worth looking into.”

The home invasion alarmed the neighbors, who were decorating their homes just before Christmas.

“I was here and I heard…seen some boys go over there next door, you know, trying to get up in their house, and I came to the door. That’s when I heard some shots,” said neighbor Jerome Foster.

Memphis police said the man who shot Carlisle, whether he was in fact the homeowner or merely a guest in the home, will not be charged, as his actions were in self-defense.

Without the presence of a handgun in the home, the situation could have ended far differently for the couple in the home – as well as for the dead assailant.

US Herald

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