Couple charged after assault rifle seized

A man and woman were arrested after a police raid on their home uncovered an assault rifle, an oversized ammo magazine, and various other forms of outlawed weaponry.

Durham Regional Police on Thursday raided a home on Glovers Rd. in the Simcoe St. N.-Taunton Rd. E. area.

Investigators discovered a .45-calibre assault rifle, an “over-capacity magazine” capable of holding 50 rounds of ammunition, a spring-loaded knife, and an expandable baton.

Investigators also seized “drug paraphernalia.”

Police spokesman Dave Selby said the “over-capacity magazine” is illegally sized to hold more ammunition than permitted under the law.

“It is a magazine that is larger than what it was originally designed to handle,” said Selby. “Certain weapons are created with standard sized magazines. It is illegal, generally, to have a magazine that is twice or three-times as big as what is allowed for that weapon.”

Michael Freeman, 25, and Katlynn Henry, 26, have been charged with weapons offences. Freeman faces additional drug trafficking and breach of probation charges.

Selby said both Freeman and Henry lived in the Glovers Rd. home as a couple. Both are being held for a bail hearing.


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