Though some may shrug off the notion of a need behind this 12-gauge MagFed Shotgun, we’d simply respond by suggesting they’re missing the point entirely. We’ve never seen anything like this before and after watching this thing in action, it’s hard to take our eyes off this beast of a firearm.

Known as the Grizzly, this Dominion Arms-produced shotgun holds five rounds in its magazine and instantly gets you excited to tackle the Canadian forests rummaging for food and shelter to protect your family of five.

It weighs in at 7.6 pounds, features an 8.5-inch barrel and the shotgun’s full profile comes in at 28-inches. The frame finish is black phosphate and comes with bead sights and 1 magazine; additional mags are always an option as well.

The pump action allows for quick delivery of each round and the emptying the mag takes just under five seconds. It’s non-restricted and can be purchased for $450. [Purchase]


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