Firing the Giant .458 Socom From an AR-15

This mammoth round can be terminated from an AR-15 and it has some genuine power. The .458 Socom was made in light of the fact that it was trusted that the general 5.56 didn’t have enough energy to stop adversaries with one hit.

So they made this, huge shot. Who might have thought you could fire that huge of a heap through your AR-15? The .458 Socom is seven times greater than the normal 5.56, and it doesn’t disillusion.

With a couple of straightforward parts, you can change over any AR into shooting the .458. Yet, recollect, this heap is much bigger than most and it will be challenging for your firearm with overwhelming use. Propping for a kick, Demolition Ranch fires a couple rounds for us and demonstrates the thump down power on his objective which is appraised for a .50 BMG.


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