Fully Automatic Crossbow Is Totally Unnecessary And Completely Brilliant

Lots of questions may pop into mind when gazing at the glorious contraption that is Jörg Sprave’s fully automatic drill-powered crossbow: Is Sprave’s fully automatic crossbow even legal? (In Germany, yes it is.) Is Sprave going to try to build a bigger version with a bigger power drill, or maybe even a John Deere motor? (Also yes.) And finally, does Sprave need to laugh like a giant, muscular German baby every time he fires this thing?

What do you think?


Sprave, the YouTuber responsible for the ridiculous “Bowling Ball Launcher” and even more ridiculous “Airzooka,” calls the fully automatic crossbow a “Dream [that] came true,” and demonstrates how the behemoth bolt-blaster utilizes a drill that has 50 Newton Meters (1.3 lb-ft) of torque, and a 32-bolt magazine, to absolutely shred whatever is in front of it. Note how the fully automatic crossbow makes Sprave look like he hunts T-1000s professionally.


At around 3:40 in the video, Sprave puts on a little Q&A for anybody who is interested in learning more about the crossbow’s build. He also provides some more slow-mo footage, in case you want to witness the seductive allure of a power tool firing deadly projectiles at an alarming rate.

What are your thoughts on Sprave’s fully automatic drill-powered crossbow? Do you want to hold it in your hands and feel its power flow through you? Could Chewbacca have saved some crucial lives in Episode VII if he had a laser version of this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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