Hawthorne robbery suspect accidentally shoots himself when victim runs him over

Police found the robber unconscious on the ground.

The man, who was accompanied by a few other men, allegedly robbed four occupants of a parked car in the Denny’s restaurant at 132nd Street and Hawthorne Boulevard just before 3 a.m., Hawthorne police Lt. Steve Romero said.

As the robber was dashing toward their getaway vehicle, the car carrying the four holdup victims ran him down, police said.

“Right now it sounds like it was an accidental, self-inflicted (shooting) when he got hit by the car,” Romero said. “The suspect shot himself accidentally.”

The bullet appeared to enter his mouth and exit the front part of his face, Romero said.

The robber’s accomplices tried to help him into the getaway car, but ended up fleeing without him.

The driver of the car filled with robbery victims — who might now be a suspect as well — took off. The car was found nearby.

However, police said three of the four occupants who were robbed returned to the scene and spoke to officers.

The robber was taken to a hospital. His name was not immediately released.


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