Man 3D prints first real handheld railgun, which fires plasma projectiles at 560 mph

An independent engineer developed a rail gun, a magnetic weapon that can fire graphite, aluminum, tungsten and even plasma projectiles at speeds of more than 560 mph.

Responsible is the Imgur user “NSA_Listbot” used his knowledge of engineering, some widely available parts and a 3D printer to produce the machine, then uploaded footage of it in action.

The gun houses six capacitors and experiences 1.8 kilojoules of energy per shot.  It can also fire carbon projectiles and teflon/plasma rods.

It is important to note that this home-made rail gun is not as deadly as a military-grade weapon.  Though 560 mph projectiles can do some damage, a military rail gun can fire ammo 13,000 mph in just 0.2 seconds.

Here is his weapon in use


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