“Tomahawk” AR-15 Stock by Jolly Roger Gun Stocks

Jolly Roger Gun Stocks is a firearm accessories manufacturer located in Pennsylvania. They’ve recently introduced an AR-15 stock called Tomahawk. It is called so because it just looks like a tomahawk and not because it can be used as one. You may think why do I say it, isn’t it obvious? Well, there are actually people making real axe stocks and even patents issued for that idea. So I had to say that first to avoid further confusion.

The Tomahawk stock consists of three parts: the tomahawk head shaped buttstock, the main body/tube which has a teardrop shaped cross section and the base that engages the AR-15 lower receiver. The middle tube is made of chrome-moly steel tubing while the buttstock and base are machined from a 6061 billet aluminum. One side of the tube is inserted into the buttstock and the other side – into the base piece, then all three parts are epoxied together with a Devcon 2 Ton epoxy. Tomahawk stock weighs 13 oz.

They also offer different finishes and combinations of finishes. For the chrome-moly tube, they offer a carbon fiber hydrographic wrap and FDE or Titanium colored Cerakote finish. The buttstock and base come either black anodized or without any finish, just polished aluminum. Besides these mentioned options, they also have a version of the stock without any finish whatsoever. The company calls this version “Bare Naked”. It is left unfinished so that the end user can apply any custom finish without a need to strip away the existing factory one.

Top: the “Bare Naked” version. Below: various finish options.

The Tomahawk stock is compatible only with rifle length buffer tubes. In order to install it, you just need to slide the stock over the buffer tube making sure that the base properly engages the lower receiver. Then tighten the provided screw at the rear portion of the stock and you are good to go.

As you can see it is not an adjustable stock. The length of pull is fixed at 13 3/8″. The price is the same ($199) regardless of the chosen finish option.

I think it would be better if they also offered a version compatible with the carbine length (and style) buffer tubes.

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