[VIDEO] Man Shoots At Armed Robbers With Quickness And Precision

While we aren’t sure where this was or when the video was taken, it seems like this was a successful act of self-defense.

In the video below, we are seeing what looks to be an attempted armed robbery. Two people approach our victim while he is possibly trying to get into the truck. He could have simply been walking by, but in any event he was being robbed.

At least one of the robbers looks to have a firearm in his hand. Let’s take a look at the sequence of events:

  • Robbers want to rob
  • Victim hands over wallet or possibly cell phone
  • Victim immediately talks in the other direction with back towards robbers
  • Wanting more, the robbers follow him and reach towards him
  • Victim draws firearm from either pocket or appendix location and immediately turns and fires multiple shots at robbers
  • Robbers flee quickly

Watch the video  click here


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